Horus and Wren House made Predation a barrel aged s’more stout and I didn’t even hate it

I enjoy @wrenhousebrewing and they remain what child therapists and economists call “an ongoing concern.” Despite their clear abilities in the strong ale game, they continue to dabble in the pastrynomicon. Thankfully they always err on the thinner side and even their massive beers feel more akin to shredded Baltic porters in body and hip range of motion. It’s like those chocolate malt flab masters who love residual platos and ABv dead lifts, wren takes the pastry realm in more of a lean mass with roasted mallow, bakers chocolate , but it’s more dry and coffee driven [inb4 Georgia sts dipshits have a meltdown] it feels like the 85% Whole Foods checkout cacao that waxy oddly lip smacking with a touch of Nestle chip. It doesn’t feel like straight up adjunct because it’s lean and shredded, it feels more like a european counterpart: sans the disgusting black patent malt overload. [cf. prime sharpie offender @mikkellerbeer ] its very good and the barrel presence is nuanced and imparts a ZERO bar shellac to things. @horusagedales hands are felt and it’s a hilarious Punnett square of their Mendelian genetics and the cross pollination works due to Drew’s dialing in and Kyle’s pushing out. Fuck that sounds like some gross Motherless content.

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