Burial Skillet donut stout, no pastry remains undunked

Ok. Listen, #dgm I get it. This time it’s for reals no tricky glassware. Thankfully my own nucleation negligence doesn’t have any detriment to the beer itself. This is far thinner and more dialed in than I expected from a classic donut appellation. There’s light cola tones at the edges minor legs and sheeting, at the core this is drinkable and balanced in that @cwbrewing ba stout realm. There’s a Rich drizzling of glaze and a sort of hazelnut coffeemate thing at the outset. The nose is fairly one dimension and does a 1000 hand slap of espresso and toasted rye bread, some melted tootsie roll, and like that Oreo center finish to the swallow. So much of this has a seattles best coffee meets Dr Pepper kind of thing happening but it doesn’t command your attention with distracting excesses in any spoke of the flavor wheel. The Mario of the StoutKart world.

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