Cerebral and our mutual frame just made an incredibly efficient lil farmhouse banger

Good lort, hot on the heels of the @homagebrewing prickly Flanders comes this refreshing and endlessly ethereal gem from @omfbrewing and @cerebralbrewing . I don’t know who is responsible for this silver medal winning Brett beer but it is the most stripped down and focused brett experience this side of side project grisette. It’s nimble, svelte, intensely attenuated, and the bottle disappears almost instantly. There is a lack of depth due to the sheer crisp Anjou pear aspect that a drillable two syllable. There is no need to ruminate and crack a moleskin journal over this, but the elegance in simplicity is some bone dry Faulkner imagery whose power lies in the stripped down bridge between saison modernism and farmhouse post modernism, the cascading weight of WL565 awareness. Hats off to this fantastic sleeper gem, from silent ass Colorado. Typical.

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