Cantillon Vonck, post end game lootz

“No Vonck no care” is the classic refrain of end game lambic lootboiz, and huge props to @beersnobbin for popping this with me. This is truly New Game+ level ticks easily more rare than DonQ at this point and with what appears to be incredible provenance to match.

This is essentially a nascent proto Lou Pepe Gueuze, an essentially uncarbed 2 year lambic with oddball BGC roots, and trappings of the gueuze lineage as well. It pours cadaver carb, a full brassy antique quality to it, not long in the tooth but it would be absurd to demand a 26 year old bottle to look great when human counterparts have stretch marks and crushing student loans at that age. The nose is record store inserts, dusty garage, zested tangerine, lightly acetic, construction paper, mandarin oranges and smattering of balsamic.

The taste is faintly acidic at the outset, drying along the gumline, orange Fanta Randalled through nautical burlap, a Darjeeling tea and grapefruit zest. The mouthfeel is runny and thin, the dead fish carb opens up slowly, taking atmospheric massaging to get past blunt brackish aspects when cold. Again this is a weird nexus between extreme age, the vibrant sweetness of an unblended lambic, the body and structure of A grand cru, but this depth and sustaining musk of a goozie. More a soul edifying experience that a palate driven endeavor. It’s like platinuming a game well after you beat the final boss, there’s an odd sense of completionism to consumption. Certainly a once in a lifetime tick and an experience worthy of slow contemplation.

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