Tioga Sequoia lighting ddb up with beans and cones

Nice lil surprise from @tiogasequoia full of beans and cones. I have this self effacing 559 Fresno upbringing that delights in taking a smackerel of Central Valley shit talking but this brewery makes it exceedingly hard to do. Their stuff keeps improving and they are setting a benchmark for all of central California, which heretofore [kern/lengthwise notwithstanding] wasn’t exactly a standard of excellence. It boggles my mind how fresno, a city of 600k people with let’s call it four good coffee shops, has this purveyor of incredible coffee beers. It doesn’t have to add up, the rush series just has to be consistently delicious, which these stouts anomalously somehow continue to hit that level, despite the local culture subsisting on sugar free Monsters and camo flavored 5 hour energy. I welcome my new Raisin overlords.

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