Narke Kaggen stormskatporter Borbnhallow is a refined raspberry adventure

BARLEYWINE IS LIFE SHIRTS NOW ON SALE: Kaggen! Is one of the finest imperial stouts ever made and exists as a paradigm of amazing, tightly sewn european stouts. It is within the warm cockles of my heart and the raspberry version is equally flawless. It shows so much precision and control in avoiding the all too familiar American execution of purée and cringeworthy jammy smuckers aspects. The raspberry is this brownie with faint fruit leather and cherry cordial on the swallow. It is absolutely restrained and a representation of what I wish American breweries would emulate, fruited stouts with poise and subtlety. If you feel like dealing with the anooos pounding value this commands, have at it, it’s like Bramble with the old Eliza Doolittle treatment, full on berry pygmalion.

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