3F millennium goozie is arguably one of the best beers I have tasted in my entire life

BARLEYWINE IS LIFE SHIRTS NOW ON SALE: this is hands down one of the best goozies I have ever had in my life, and perhaps one of the most flawless beers that I have ever had the privilege of tasting. These reviews are never fun to post because it’s just gushing ropey loads of accolades. The carb sustain is everlasting and delivers a pillowy memoryfoam that collars and sheets sending crackly brett B musk skyward. The nose has the unmistakable depth of age and whispery orange rind after almost two decades in captivity. The oxy mixed with the intense brett profile adds this wave of canvas and cut construction paper. It’s incredibly musky and reminds me of old yearbooks and the boot section of a thrift store. One incredible aspect is how refined the acidity is and the long swallow like raked leaves and intensely earthy, Brie rind and almost morel swallow. The sheer minerality of this is an endless rock polisher of decadence. I could drink gallons of this without lighting up my chest like ET. Very few beers can reach this level of depth, complexity, and outright perfection. The platonic definition of beauty is harmony in form, and this is the libation iteration of same. Beer can never justify a four figure price tag but very few get this close, a genre and palate defining experience toe to tip.

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