Creature Comforts and Jester King curious 10 is the best beer that either will make in 2017. Phenomenal.

BARLEYWINE IS LIFE SHIRTS NOW ON SALE, SMASH THE PASTRYARCHY. Some of you might recall that I had a huge pitted juicer for the prior Creature Comforts curious peach iteration.  I did a hard pass on the blueberries version after reading mixed(ferm) reviews.  When I saw the description and color of c10, i was buy-Curious once again. Jester King and Cab Sauv grape skins just sounded ROSEdiculous.  The color is an Alpha Phi’s dream come true, that rose gold iphoneX, comforting Kaitlynne after being ghosted on bumble over some avocado toast at a 2 hour wait brunch.  The nose is rolling salinity and light watermelon, some faintly briney meets chardonnay meets chamomile/hibiscus type of waft and a closer like grape fruit leather. The taste of this beer is more meek than mill and is downright laconic.  It is pillowy soft with all of the edges sanded down by a white grape dremel. This is the beer equivalent of Rose and it should come with a 13.1 sticker and a double stroller. It is intensely drinkable and it takes all of the water profile aspects I love about Jester King’s second runnings lineup and pairs it with the subtelty of CC’s refined acidity.  Absolutely tasty and will serve as a bridge to gap palates to enjoy depth with deceivingly approachable drinkability.  You should absolutely cut this triple digit flower.

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