Bissell Bros make these tickers flip like reciprocals

I didn’t even aggropour that and it sustained like that for minutes. It was retention to the point of Blaugies irritation like interfering with even drinking it due to whiskey sour foam collar with real egg whites in the muddle 🍳 🥃. These @bissellbrothers cans have some self image issues but fortunately they taste so fucking good they can easily overcome any left swipe barriers to entry, the myth of personality excellence making strides. I’ve said this about all of their beers but the girth of the mouthfeel is palate dilating and it drinks like a heavy super saison in body akin to Spelt offerings with endless collaring. The waistline is basically what @angrychairbrewing is to the stout world, allowing the most ample stage for exaggerated olfactory and the longest of finishes, dragging the lake with grapefruit rind and zested kumquat, branches and crushed saplings, petrichor with a whipped 50/50 bar closer. It’s got heart but isn’t entirely refreshing in itself. The upshot is you trade in crushability for depth and the thrust of your palate will likely not come close to hitting the oily cones of this rhizome cervix, girth notwithstanding.

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