Revolution brewing is casting a bold gambit for the ba stout game

Listen sure @revbrewchicago makes some good stuff but can we all be earnest with ourselves and admit that putting these and their other massive barrel aged beers in cans is nothing short of apeshit negligence? Like what good can come from this? I can’t remember a time when someone needed a world class stout except on the go in a tidy portable container. Selling these in four packs is even more reckless because the connotation is that the serving size is basically whatever the night/early morning holds. Throw a couple of these in your fanny pack and hit the extreme frisbee course all khaki mouthed. Also, just because a brewery puts coffee in a massive stout does not mean you can drink it at sunrise. The presence of bean is not a commutation of responsible behavior. We all know it’s not possible to get a DUI when the sun is up, sure, but people are gonna keep these cans in the cooler at work and listen I don’t need my Hertz rental car agent reeking of cherry stouts. Maybe my hookah hostess. It’s just gonna set a dangerous new precedent and invariably these are gonna go to pint then stovepipe then full on pounders making the canned ba Grat seem downright reasonable. I’m not mad, I just know I eventually want to have children and between canned massive beers and the cost of tuition I’m just scared is all.

One thought on “Revolution brewing is casting a bold gambit for the ba stout game

  1. It’s not like the only purpose of cans is portability. I appreciate the smaller serving size, being a guy with kids already that don’t drink beer (neither does their mother). I also like that they’ll fit more easily in my fridge.

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