Ale apothecary continues to slay in the upper orbit pricing and god tier farmhousing

At a certain point the @thealeapothecary wilds are getting to this insane depth that it feels like stimulation overload. I sometimes worry that drinking farmhouse beers with this much musk and funk and acidity and obscure produce will deaden my ability to feel things in a meaningful way. Everyone has the friend who pushed it too far with porn early on and now has to watch Motherless links behind five proxies just to get the needle to move. Everyone knows rum peach la tache is arguably top five best awa ever made. This is more acidic and less delicate but it drives a monolithic ship of oak and leather and a frothy wispy V shaped wake of tangerine acidity on the swallow. It’s drier than British humor but imparts a gruyere and Granny Smith closer that feels oddly comforting. People can laugh at the sky high prices of these bottles but, those are the same value hunting dipshits who will buy Cascade bottles or watch whatever is free on Crackle. This is exceptional if a touch too GERD inducing in longer exposure. At any rate, a treat to share and each one of these new AA joints has imparted a zenith of sensory shattering fun. Brb setting up four proxies to find deep web urethral sounding feeds.

This was a massive gusher and the cork was butterflied from saturation and carbonic acid, but once it settled down it drank like some intensely cultured Biere de garden back blended with a pillowy soft Alexander. 250 bottles and insane fruit profile means I’ll never see this one again but god damn was it a treat.

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