Funk Factory Frampaars is back on that fruity grizzy 

Funk Factory Frampaars is back with a vengeance, but is this more of a “Reloaded” or a “Strikes Back” situation? A lil of column A and bit of column B. The drawback is that this is more acidic than the OG version and presents less sticky berry presence. The tradeoff is that the nose is incredibly floral and has a farmers market or berry blossom quality to it. You can huff this under an overpass it never gets old. The taste is still very good and presents depth, dry barrel character, tannins like a mineral forward Bordeaux, and this swallow that goes on and unpacks like peel n pull Twizzlers. If you try to drink this colder than 50 Degrees you’re in for rough ride because that’s where the sour patch children reside, and their sweet demeanor is wholly absent in the cold. However, like a timid bumble date, let this get warm and open up and it pays smoochy cherry chapstick dividends. There’s this great framboise aspect and a tart depth akin to black cherry that reminds me a lot of the way back 07 Hommage, not lactic and overpowering like some of the Side Project small format bottles, but not the sheer cheesy musky drie culture either. It reaches across the aisle with one part American brash power yet reconciled with a certain old world age and restraint. Go buy it tomorrow if you feel like dabbling in a wildly tasty and original wild ale, I don’t give a shit.

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