Cigar City Lorem Ipsum reconciles the two poles of the Barleywine life sphere

Bitburger be peepin but it ain’t about that Life. Lorem ipsum res ipsa loquitor

The life speaks for itself. When you merge an nice malty American barleywine with bitterness akin to this Crowpluckers like grat, you need something like sweet sticky creme brûlée shell Brandy barrels to temper the residual alpha acids. Duraflame logs, conifer vape Oils and caramelized brown sugar. Bananas fosters put in a nug grinder, it’s a strange merging of worlds but I dig it. It’s not excessively flabby and doesn’t get sugar shakes or suffer from a case of the glucose Wambles. It’s very solid and I was shocked this life got the ratings it did out the gates but a bit of time has tempered and integrated this caramello gem.

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