Oddside ales makes almost god tier, wildly accessible beers and rye hipster brunch is a testament to their greatness

I usually write some pithy epigram like “ho ho Oddside makes almost world class Shasta ales that are accessible to everyone.” Every cicerone slaps their thighs and it comes off and either condescending or disrespectful to Oddside. I mean this with the utmost reference possible: oddside really makes trading seem like a non viable game in the stout world. They make gems that are so fucking stellar and close to their ultra hyped counter parts that to do so and have them readily available is a compelling tip of the trilby. I have extreme reverence for any brewery that can do one thing exceptionally well and put it in the hands of so many. Firestone Sucaba. Live Oak hef. Logsdon ba seizoen. Hell even regular ass bcbs sitting in Target. Oddside is the perfect paradigm of bringing top tier quality to people who maybe don’t want to drop a car payment in FedEx bills. This beer is a testament to that. It has fantastic smoky sweet espresso roast with a sort of chickory syrup aspect like a baller ass barista bought a Blichman system and started fingering beans. The body as usual for Oddside is a touch thin but not to the point of a neg it’s still substantial and delivers a blast of IHOP cunnilingus, sticky sweet maple grool. The whole experience pulls at bitter roast and sweet greasy McGriddle. The rye variant adds a more pronounced spice that I enjoy more because it cleaves the coffee profile and creates flavor partitions for the long chocolate kiss goodnight. Bag cereal never tasted so good, m’marshmallow matey. 

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