The re-review of Kuhnhenn bb4d, the “worst” vintage of one of the best beer ever made.

2015 bb4d just absolutely god tier liquid. In the beer world it’s difficult to reach and expression of age and oak and depth, peanut brittle and manhattan drenched lucky charmsmallows. I remember 2015 being the “worst” vintage of this absolutely immaculate lineage and that makes this like a regular ass Ferrari California, poor you. You’ll be ok. The swallow is a touch too dry and oaky but the rest of the composition is so well integrated that it’s kinda like Proteus book III in Ulysses, some people might give up for those minor negs early on and do themselves a huge disservice. Let everyone else so dome level1 elliptical shit, ddb and BIL engage that core with this malty lifting tracking them barrel knees over them bourbon toes.

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