Tioga Sequoia Summer vibes brings NE lager chowder to the Fresno masses.

Man I love to hate on Fresno as much as the next guy, maybe more so as some self flagellating catharsis since I’m from there, but goddamn his hazy NE lager Summer Vibes absolutely slays. An absolutely crushable body with a watery lager finish that accelerates the long alpha acid swallow. It’s the aesthetic and light creamy body without heft or residual malty cling, dudes are gonna fall down and face plant at grizzly stadium. The orange and bitter gymnosperm swallow lends itself to the most pool beee ever just short of including a ph correction kit and a Funoodle. It’s hilarious being in the 559 and seeing cans of this banger just sitting in the cooler, downtown Fresno looking like I Am Legend IRL edition. Scaled economies leads me to believe that there’s an M43 of sorts in every locale and I look forward to this rhizome proliferation for mutually assured bitterzone destruction. 

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