Sprechers Czar Brew is a nightmarish questionably infected stout straight from H P Lovecraft 

If anyone doubts the journalistic integrity of DDB, point them to the time I drank a questionably infected ba stout from a root beer company while listening to Addams Family Whoomp on vinyl. Let’s see the Allstrom Bros dig this deep. But legit this beer is nightmarish in scope and depth, an astringent Cyclopean hell like a Geiger painting for your mouth. It’s sharp and acidic, panting of concurrently extinguished black and milds in a Guinness can, coupled with a sticky sweetness and just crackles with hateful jaw jarring dip cup spit. Nothing redeeming about this, so Sprecher is off to an excellent start. What do people from Wisonconsin drink so much if these are the staples? I can’t even 

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