Noble Ale Works GOAT, god damn they been low key mastering that haze game

I been sippin on Noble since citra showers was a big deal and dudes were cranking down over Naughty Sauce. While Monkish was on the front lines tanking and battling everyone in New England for haze supremacy, they were furtively grinding and upgrading their gear. The end result is this fantastic juicer, Donald Duck cloaca fully widened. Admittedly this is on the trubbier side appearance wise and leaves something to be desired but doesn’t fail it’s field sobriety test and stumble into the Hoof Hearted boullion aesthetics. Nose is radiant and has a touch of grassy complexity, guava, POG, Honduran pineapple fruit cart, and yellow Fanta. Could use a little more raked yard trimmings but since this is firmly in the London Ale III realm, it’s no surprise this is squarely a disciple of the dry hopping religion. The taste follows the sun in a can bleached peach linen, mango, and a faintly bitter finish like chard/shallot. It has a touch more heft and residual sweetness than that wispy crackly thermaflu orange body sometimes found in Monkish/veil. In sum, it’s very good, and candidly has been sniping and getting better as an institution if just short of TH and Monkish best. I have no idea how hard they are to acquire but let’s pray the turbid tide floats all trubby boats.absolutely seek this one out.

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