Mob Craft Man-Go Away! Man the lazy derision writes itself 

I love trying new things but sometimes you get too far in the deep end and realize maybe trampling isn’t your thing. Just behold that gorgeous IPA color on this one, my laughable pour notwithstanding, this is far from a pretty beer. The nose is intensely bitter and reminds me of oversaturated dry hopped cones, when things start taking a turn for the arugulaesque. There is a fruit interplay this is like a B plot further complicating things, peach hookah and and oily earthiness. It’s like if you dropped your nectarine on the ground while camping and just tried to brush some of the pine needles off before getting back up in it. The label noted some Crowdsourced aspect to this but, I don’t even want to tread that ground, this is complicated enough as is. The swallow is actually pretty nice and this beer isn’t flabby or poorly attenuated, just a bizarre malty pitted chimera. Wisconsin drinks more beer than any other state, except perhaps not this beer.

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