Fort George 3 way IPA is arguably the best hoppy Beer coming out of the PNW

I had never heard of @fortgeorgebeer before but god damn this is a dazzler of a lemon meringue IPA. Has the pnw pulled a silent little gambit where they are secretly crushing these dank cans and generating zero fanfare? This is distinctively creamy, lightly muddled mandarin, a lil eucalyptus and 7th grader backpack sticky Nugs. It’s like if a TOOL fan worked at a dispensary bakery. Low pulp like Donald Duck, but a nice residual oiliness straight out of a Holistic Medicine book store. This is one of the best hoppy beers I have ever seen out of the pnw, I sense a distinct Great Notion presence up in this bitch but the sum is greater than its components. If this is easily accessible then those seasonal affected disorder traders can hang up their fedex spurs. 

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