Sneak peek: beachwood vanilla system of a stout. Good lort.

Sneak peek at Vanilla System of a stout and there is a zero percent chance I am not locking this down, beans already oily and my cardamom pod is tumescent. I was leery of some ham fisted yankee candle execution and then I LOLed because beachwood consistently Errs in favor of subtlety. The coffee roast and vanilla profile work in harmony and come across like a dark chocolate dove bar, with this mocha frap mouthfeel that is whipped not stirred. Body is on point akin to the likes of Parabola and the barrel with cardamom is a gentle underpinning that makes everything else perform better, like a limited slip differential on an already beastly car. You can kill an entire bomber to yourself, and won’t feel like you wiped airwicks on your gumline. No Downey dryer sheets or febreeze tones to speak of either. In a world crowded with 1.050 “final” gravity stouts, this checks all the boxes without feeling Central Watersy with the tooooo dialed in profile. Immediately regret even typing this because when you utter the V word dudes in Osirises with black plugs stumble out of their beat up ass Integras for miles to attend a release, and like an 8th grader whose parents are getting a divorce, I am only harming myself.

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