Societe Malingerer, this mediocre wild just lays in bed collecting disability

Societe wilds usually err on the side of gentle coddling akin to the likes of Casey, but this takes an off beaten path contrary to their usual lineup. If you expected some Framboise pinky pink breast cancer awareness gem, then be prepared for this brassy golden hue. The taste aligns with their clean saison and faintly estery profile found in their innumerable Belgian strain riffs and is fine albeit underwhelming. The odd overarching problem is this light omelette aspect in the olfactory component that isn’t sulphuric but it borders on butyric. I don’t like dropping the B word without justification but that “detonated sparkler” aspect is present and the fruit doesn’t ratchet things back into the wholly enjoyable penumbra. I can only assume it is white raspberry that is gentle and failing to make a huge splash here but, the whole affair just feels uninspired at best or latent deficiencies at worst. With such intensely fierce competition in the fruited wild realm, it is equally difficult to offer a compelling endorsement to anything short of noteworthy. Pass the inimitable Bachelor pls.

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