J Wakefield Brewing Aye Que Rico, no lo creo, hay mucho aditivos 

This was an odd surprise for me, the structure of the beer didn’t have that irritating terroir cloying shit up with sharpies and black and mild waft. It lent an odd rauchy backdrop for the relatively thinner body to express itself. The dulche de leche functioned more akin to light lactose sweetness and the coffee worked in tandem for a gentle roast like baked rye bread. The overall experience sticks the landing more akin to an adjunct Baltic porter. I would prefer a brewery default to the cleaner drops present herein to the syrupy 1.050 “FG” that others are purveying.

Overall, Pretty solid offering from a canon replete with dark goodness, albeit short from the god tier Notorious realm. It’s a happy misfortune to need to compete with your own incomparable offerings that very few breweries are subject to.

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