Smog City barrel aged coffee porter with coconut, alcoholic Girl Scout adventures 

Smog City bourbon barrel aged coffee porter with coconut gives this svelte base beer some oily gains. The base beer is nice albeit simple in design and doesn’t really strike me as a valid barrel aging candidate due to its low body malt index. They beefed it up a bit and it gained 2% abv in the process giving the power band a bit more room to demonstrate this macaroon meets whoppers slalom. It still feels continentally European in execution but has that flair of American excess tacked on, like a Golf R. Roast and coffee slowly allow the supporting cast of rolo and samoa to deliver a nice ensemble performance. It’s hard to focus on this beer knowing that my boner will be shattered into limitless barleyfractals on 5/6 when BAOE drops. Pray for barleyboners, 1 like = 1 bonerprayer 🙏 
As a corollary, smog City is also secretly turning out some solid ipas on the low. I enjoyed the hybrid profile of steel craft IPA saddling between old and new world west coast IPA execution. The Yakima has a great olfactory but lies a touch I. The crystal clean resin world of the late 2000s, but that’s just me twisting my rhizomes. You prolly didn’t hear about them because they lack a mid 90s hip hop lyric, bisquik and obligatory pint can with TTB sticker. So basically why bother amirite

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