2nd Shift Peach Katy, stop the presses someone added Brett to a peach wild ale and its p. Tasty

Second shift continues to turn out these silent little gems that StL locals appear to be actively obfuscating. The long shadow of a local purveyor casts cool fertile soil for even more productive stonefruits to germinate. The fact that La Fosse enjoys fanfare and acidtape parades is anomalous given how clean and refreshing old peach Katy is. It doesn’t have that ultra vellous hair meets farmers market profile, but it’s not some ph warfare either. Think apricot jolly rancher mixed with yellow Fanta. The middle body could use either a touch more substantial grist or carb to deliver that fantastic pithy profile further. It isn’t a major gripe as the entire affair feels tropical šŸŒ“ like diluted pineapple juice. That omnipresent battle of refining residual juice against that excoriating sub 3.0 gum destruction. This is a pleasant Jamba affair and I’d crush that pit again šŸ‘ 

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