Almanac Passion Project, dear god I hope this is a sign of things to come from these Bay Area ballers

I will say this right out of the gates: this beer is incredible and perhaps the best beer Almanac has made since Farmers Reserve 2. It’s easy to beat up on Alamanac for hot Costco card carrying deals, or rail on about relying on fruit too heavily or having a limited spectrum of offerings. I get it. That’s the cool saber rattling shit that people do when they haven’t checked in on a brewery in a bit, but god damn this pillow down duvet is a gentle melon embrace. First and foremost it feels like they completely adjusted their water profile because this has an amazing creamy aspect to it like Naked juice machine and never drills that Chardonnay dryness. There are waves of cut honeydew and ripe guava, a touch of lavender type notes and lemon meringue. I don’t know what Pichia culture is, but this is unlike anything in the ABC lineup. 

I don’t know if some of the cringey additions like passionfruit or ginger are necessary but thankfully they play a support role that adds depth and never distracts. You will clear this small format bottle incredibly fast and the satin carb does little to slow down rampant consumption. The whole affair seems tropical beyond belief, mango and papaya, like those cum colored Life Savers. I have seen the tired ass refrain that myopic dudes embrace when railing against these Bay Area ballers, but honestly if you can’t enjoy this fantastic beer I have no idea what to tell you. This squeezes my pith and the juice be running down my Bugle Boy pant leg.

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