Beachwood Draper’s Dram, odd holiday riffs during Easter season

Beachwood BBQ drapers dram, this is a bizarre riff in the “sweet potato bourbon yam” realm like autumn maple, but with more barrel and unfortunately an overriding clove, nutmeg, allspice, and saturated cinnamon type of thing happening. It’s anomalous because this is both aseasonal but also astylistic to what beachwood is about. It makes me want the base beer without all this bolt on nonsense. The underpinnings of this is a Sadie, barrely, manhattan old ale but then the holiday cheer squad comes in and reks shit. It’s for that exact reason that I age Fantome Noel for years before I fuxxx w them. Beachwood stays legit but this wasn’t a fav of mine.

Also LOL look at the iPhone 7 struggling with this janky ass fake Bokeh, 2/10

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