Societe Urchin, photo has potato adjuncts

Listen they all can’t be some deft expression of the AWA realm and this one missed the mark for me. Taking a [altbier?] base and adding cranberries to it, I don’t think even BFM could pull that shit off. The beer is clean and honestly lacks expression from the fruit. You heard that right, the cranberry wasn’t pronounced enough. Those of you still undergoing maxillofacial surgery from Cranberry Cascade can involuntarily gape jawless at that statement. 

The underlying beer is extremely clean and well crafted but the entire affair just seems ill conceived. It’s like walking away from a Tinder date that on paper has no deficiencies but lacks punch beyond “what major did you study at Cranberry State?” And I get it, a darker underpinning with arguably the hardest fruit profile to successfully wrangle, the fact that this didn’t end up tasting like some Deschutes BBXXVIII dogshit is astounding. I just kinda ejaculated a blithe lil “ehhhhhh” and got into costume. It was deece to deece mas.

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