Engine Nine, Pasadena with love, a lemon lime sprite masterpiece that no one cares about

If you aren’t actively seeking out Enine, then your palate is fake news. This is Lucas from those barrio ice cream trucks, distilled lemon Powerade, mid 2000s printemps meets Sierra Mist cunnilingus. It will drain ur limes hard and leave ur rind quivering. Its such a misnomer to call this a sour ale because it’s honestly more tried and true saison than most shitty acid bombs.

 I don’t care if I ruin this brewery for locals, they deserve to be ruined. It’s absolutely exceptional and if their branding labels weren’t some Avery printer shit people would care more. Maybe some phoned in Pynchonian diction or composite gerund phrases strung together: Embracing the More Than Without, a Tacoma fashion wallonian nod to citrus endeavors across the Ypres plains.

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