Societe Savage, 21 21 skuurrrtt they the reaper huh, weak tickers get popped for all that reachin huh 

Societe took long enough but their new sour lineup somehow manages to stay innovative and relevant in a marketplace now teeming with imitation and acetic players. Given the bloodline, there’s no surprise that this beer tastes like Supplication, a lot. Maybe supplication meets an ultra gentle wanderer. If “petit Oude bruin” were a style, this is a pillowy soft version of that. Almond skin, cherry tart, light chalkiness and incredibly focused acidity drives up the croooosh index amiably. Casey doesn’t dabble in dark sours but that execution is within that realm where it remains firmly a well executed, classical Rodenbach type of base beer that never gets out of pocket. I went into this with 8oz expectations and easily killed the entire bottle. It’s like a time machine back to when Russian River was king, simpler times, free from lower middle class dipshits playing stock broker with bottles of sugar water.

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