Monkish and Holy Mountain Spacedock to put out The Land of Oat and Honey,Β 

Ain’t a damn thing funny, You got to have a car in this land of oat 🍞 and honey 🍯, a pretty solid if not earth shattering offering from Holy Mountain and Monkish. If you took Biere De Miel and a more acidic Anna, you would get this lightly sweet, bit o Honey, lemon chic o stick adventure. 

It is extremely crisp and has a wafer thin frame, all knees and elbows. Almost offputtingly underweight like Allison Williams, but it has a certain sharp Brett L profile like key limes that doesn’t take it too far like some of the Monkish “saisons” and the monoculture emphasis is kept in check. The swallow is sharp and has a touch of chalky alkalinity, I see the contrast and ph disparity between those modifiers but, just trust me. There are other similar saisons and this is pretty charming throughout.

People who bought it, will drink it. Dudes who want dissolved tootsie rollpaccinos, won’t give a shit.

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