Tombstone Imperial Stout Aged in woodford rye barrels, WER IS MY RESIDUAL SUGARS

Here we have a Tombstone stout aged in woodford rye barrels, a tasty albeit not earth shattering foray into Dr Pepper riffs. This has an extremely svelte body and you expect a ribbon floor routine to commence. 
It is ironic that a classic iteration almost draws ire for being insubstantial when palates are so skewed to accept 1.040 as a reasonable FG these days, but here we are. This has Cola nut, a spicy rye crackle like pumpernickel bread, a bit of prailine and some earth chia seed going on. Again the mouthfeel leaves no cling and almost reminds me of a Baltic porter in how clean it is. If you enjoy that ultra continental European riff (cf. Narke, MN town hall, Central Waters) then you will love this old school approach to a stripped down BA stout.


Tfw a brewer writes the recipe for their next stout

I anticipate most sleep apnea riddled beer nerds will demand more sugar and a less efficient yeast profile and complain that this reminds them of Pepsi, their breakfast beverage. I am somewhere it between, it’s pretty tasty and easy to drink but it’s not remarkable in the Platonic sense in that the faults are by design and fall into preference rather than objective oversight. It’s probably already triple digits in Arizona so can we really fault them for making a “refreshing”‘stout? TAKE A WALK IN THEIR TEVAS B4 U JUDGE 👩‍⚖️ 

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