Oxbow Catalyst, Ann: “u can copy my homework but change it a lil so we don’t get in trouble”

Any time a ba honey saison drops the Ann comparisons are hot in the de miel realm, which is hardly ever fair. This lacks the grace and creamy poise of that Whaley giant but provides its own citrus honeycomb 🐝 run up the fretboard. 

Lacing, retention and carb all leave something to be desired and wisp away instantly like that classic Upland sucrose krausening that Irish goodbyes immediately. The nose however is phenomenal and offers a flower bomb bouquet of cut lime, zested lemon, mealy Sierra Mist, and a hint of agave nectar. Barrel presence is muted and drying and contributes a type of Riesling finish to the swallow making you feel like a Step mom driving a Chrysler Pacifica with three car seats.

 It is intensely drinkable almost to a fault, the 500ml was gone insanely fast and had the same trappings of a jester king 750: is it a fault if the beer is TOO crushable? Is it a sleight if it’s so pleasant it doesn’t command your attention and merely provides a gentle joi de vivre for the moment? Well the Chainsmokers went platinum so anything is possible. This is a fantastic beer and has nods to the inimitable oxbow ba pale ale, that perfect g spot of accessibility to quality compelling multiple farmhouse climaxes in the hay loft.

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