The Veil Brewing Master Shredder, Fortunate Islands getting chopped and screwed NEIPA style

Back when Modern Times dropped Fortunate Island, in the pre-hazeolithic era, cicerones were cleaning the wheaty cream out of their jeans at the prospect of an intensely aromatic grist bomb. Fast forward to the current Oat Age and this gem reinvents the casual IBU cream of wheat paradigm amiably. Mouthfeel is dialed in with residual slickness to the tortillas added to the mash, tons of clementine and guava, swallow is yard trimmings and that cum colored gummi bear. Absurdly drinkable and gone far too soon.

Before someone from Atl Inevitably chimes in, no they do no actually add tortillas to the boil, at least I don’t think they do

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