2nd Shift chateau la douchebag, god damn this is tasty beyond marketing ploys

Notes of axe body spray, third owner wrx, kettle bell, seven diamonds shirts, supreme hats, tones of sneaker heads, advanced vape rigs, emptied swishers, loans from parents, six years to finish undergrad, a hint of dating under aged girls, starts sentences with “I’m not racist but”, is rude to wait staff, the swallow drives fast through residential neighborhoods, has a Rockford fosgate bandpass box, there’s a note of chain wallet, real estate license, talks about being Keto, goes to burning man to hit on chicks, leases a car that is a third of this beers monthly income, still lives with his parents but just planned a trip to Phuket, has several spartan race medals, really wants to get into oracle boat racing, loves OPUS ONE and screaming eagle, has a gsxr but no M2 license, beer is good at pulling out, ghosts people in the DM; never uses a turn signal, 2nd shift nailed it: just a quintessential douche bag.[fn1]

[fn1] this is excellent with restrained acidity and bursting with tangerine and Buddha hand, cut melon and Agua Fresca, the acidity never gets out of pocket and holds firm in the pineapple juice realm, tame carb and bone dry white grape swallow. I hope second shift continues to stand in the monolithic side Project shadow, so long as these remain accessible and completely delicious.

One thought on “2nd Shift chateau la douchebag, god damn this is tasty beyond marketing ploys

  1. I haven’t been able to try this one, but they make some great beers. Katy is amazing for a beer that you can easily find around here. Brett, wine barrel, good stuff.

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