Cellar West Artisan Ales, Westfield

Where the fuck did this no name brewery arise from? Holy shit they mapped the most continental iteration of the blaugies model this side of the Atlantic. It’s goose feather duvet soft, inoffensive like a soft spoken democratic representative from Denver, a whipped egg mouthfeel that lovingly delivers the gentle sous vie yolk in a creamy way. Acidity like Orval in that it is totally integrated and forgettable, borderline BPA. This is the most underrated but also intriguing brewery I’ve seen in a bit: was this intentional? If so, Casey has an interlocutor for the most intentional execution.

Colorado and their typical keeping silent on amazing nuanced offerings. I don’t think anyone but ddb will lose it over a completely restrained offering but, seriously, its toddler gentle and I love it.

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