M3 slang 3 and mahogany m3 vanilla bean bang sucker m3s coffeasily, Abnormal

Guess what: the brewery that practically sets the standard for non-barrel aged stouts just made another phenomenal naturally aspirated stout and added some shit to it.

I’ll give you a moment to get up as your undoubtedly just fell out of your chair in shock. The neurotically dialed in and gluten reduced profile of their base stout has the addition of the beer game konami code: mostra coffee. That shit is hardly fair. It’s not to say the base beer isn’t well crafted but adding mostra takes even normal shit to orbital laser bean intensity.

Imagine having to explain to a little kid what a 1996 Toyota Supra is.

The bean grinding doesn’t stop there because of fucking course there is vanilla here. Why wouldn’t there be some sticky coldstone pageantry attendant to this vanilla latte. The waffle cone attempts to roll its oily foreskin over the delicious (Ethiopian?) roasted profile and the finish is so long and pumpernickel with a rye bread swallow that keeps the beany space docking perpetually red vining.

This never feels sugary or forced nor does it shellac its shitty parts and putty in the imperfections with coffee. This is a solid base beer that modded itself almost unfairly. It’s like a grounded cool person who is attractive without anxiety or significant psychological pathology. It’s like pick a struggle, FUCK u.

Do you like the coffee flavor frap? The one that’s all toasty and no bullshit sugar, then here you go. The vanilla is present but doesn’t dominate the conversation like an imposing Jewish aunt, beginning every sentence with “well what youNEEDTODOIS”

It’s just god damn delicious and this brewery, albeit questinably one note at this point [fn1], sets the gold standard for non ba adjunct stouts at this point, dudes who traded hard for a solidly mediocre mdb3 look sorry as fuck for overlooking this gem.

[fn1] abnormal makes awesome iPas but I can only dole out a certain amount of praise for a west coast brewery without having to field waves of pussyhurt homerism accusations from landlocked dumbfucks. 

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