Oddside hazels nuts. Michigan is the capital of phenomenal, accessible, tasty stoutgems.Maltmitten.

There are Whaley alternatives that are moderately better but, come on. The mild qualms about body and residual cling are assuaged easily with how vibrant and coffeemate the tones are. Nutella and waffle cone overload, and the cost of entry makes having a FedEx account downright embarrassing.  

It is oily and slick in an adjunct imperfect way but it radiates this charm like a sloppy SG solo by way of Cycle shredding. I know judging objective pleasure based on price of entry is some gauche shit but, GFY, this beer is good and some st Archer tier accessible.

The state that invented cat fishing just lures and ropeadopes beer nerds hard. Stoked to watch bbpt5 and the Kuhnhenn solstice beers to swing well below their weight class.

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