38 miles getting caught up in the hop of the moment. Sara and Alvarado killed this.

What is this. How in the fuck. I prepped a narrative to make fun of Sara and their hard ass water profile and then this treehouse tier pale comes out creamy as fuck. The olfactory detonates with a sticky oily grape fruit and tangelo, there’s no reason this should be this good.

Sara has never made a hoppy beer this good and so I am left to wonder how Alvarado could make a god tier pale alone. This was extraed and I shrugged uncaring and somehow this is ultra compelling and I usually don’t care about support classes: this beer tanks. Clean and gristy with a whipped froth like chai and arugula. 

There’s no reason to lay this much praise on some unknown can but, here we are. “It’s 340 miles from DDB clear homer bias”

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