Tickers think imma sweat em, I’m sippin on Anareta, if u play with my Saisons, u gone feel my beretta

These guys can do no wrong it seems. Finally a beer to rival blueberry flora. That minerality, the spritzer and tannic juicy notes that are so elusive with those tiny pithy berries: it is thirst quenching.

It is so hard to do blue BaLs well, and these are fully drained. The acidity usually fucks everything up and even Cantillon has bungled this (cf. 2013 blabby) and this is completely crushable like unprotected recycling center sex. There’s no tums sidecar attendant here and you can effortlessly kill the entire 750ml while you watch Battlefield 1 glitch its way into AAA gaming infamy, as usual.

Think Lil Sal meets Lady in blue, with smashed up flintstones vitamins in the mix, a light chalky tartness gives you a PPM chubber.

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