Beerd Brewing clandestinely putting out some tasty sticky treats

I have no idea where these under the radar gems came from but I won’t look a gift hop vine in its rhizome. This beer is classic west coast execution, dialed in and clean, bone dry Boneyard/Beachwood style body with this sticky vape pen dankness along the gumline.

The taste is all citrus and takes pine needles, the fusel notes masked impeccably. The swallow is long and complex like the end of Magnolia, respect the hop.

This is some incredible subterranean treat. Call Dostoyevsky, Beerd is pumpin notes from the underground.

This by contrast is just, acceptable. It’s anomalous that this is the same brewery because this is the polar opposite: honeycomb, Midwest, flabby, coniferous and evergreen. I guess if you love that Founder’s/Pipeworks crystal laden malt sack, the IPA equivalent of stems and sticks, go ahead then.

Thankfully the former is so good the latter is overshadowed. Can’t wait to delve deeper into their catalogue, Beerd is absolutely intruiging to say the least.

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