Great now my ex wife is all pissed because apparently you can’t have 5 Saisons before picking your son up from LARPing practice. I’m not even driving, it’s called a suspended license not like she cares.

Our Lot: a spelt saison, holy god I hope they bottle this. It’s pure orange pith, lightly bitter but that residual grist profile it’s like a faintly grapefruit version of D’erpeteau. The mixed culture adds this funk that reminds me of grand marnier and bitters.  It’s not equitable to pay fan service to a local brewery in lieu of constantly reviewing the newest flourbomb trubwhale or vanilla bean whatever. But, you can always put a rabbit on your aleclit and massage away at some other, inherently interior beer site. I heard BA is super insightful.

Prayer for saison relief:

  • Please let these offerings continue to fly under the radar
  • Please keep mouth breathers from lining up in the parking lot
  • Please keep the acidity this refined and mouthfeel like lemony half and half
  • MFW someone pops a dank ass saison that no one else cares about:

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