Kane Morning Bell: Ring ding dong, ring a ding ding dong, keep the cicerone heads ringin

I heard good things about the base beer but tread cautiously into the coffee porter realm when BALs became involved. Thankfully they were drained to full completion as this beer did not disappoint in any meaningful way. 

When you open this the barista musk exits in waves, a phenomenal two hit combo of toasted pumpernickel and intense espresso aroma will fill your sad studio apartment. For being a porter you anticipate a bit less in the mouthfeel but lactose finna lactose and the creamy substantial froth of it seems more akin to a heavy whip milk stout. Got Fraps on deck.

The taste almost pushed things to excess: the coffee is more relentless than a Serbian in a night club. It does not back down or give you an inch of breathing space with the low acidity cold brew profile, a long bitter roast and macchiato finish. This wouldn’t be an issue if it didn’t overwhelm that phenomenal barrel treatment peeking out from beneath the floorboards. 

If you want to unearth that coconut caramel barrel presence you’re gonna have to wait until this opens up to the 60 degree range. Otherwise the coffee is gonna be trying to get your snapchat name, your bumble, buy you a Moscow mule, offer to uber your friends home: IT WONT GET OFF YOUR SHIT FOR A SINGLE SECOND.

In sum: a frothier, oddly heftier version of barrel aged Speedway, which is a phenomenal class within which to shoulder ranks. Highly recommended.


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