Elk Valley Brewing Pumpion: I am not trolling, this is fukn delicious. Srs.

It is not April 1st so you know I am being serious: this is within the top 3 best pumpkin beers I have ever had in my life. I had never even heard of this brewery and they shoot this wild gambit across the janky backsplash, a gourdy stunner that popped its seeds in and around my mouth.


Ok, to be fair my favorite “pumpkin” beers are usually just a barleywine or an old ale vehicle with a pumpkin strapped to the hood as an afterthought, but still this shit delivers on so many levels.  This lil upstart from Oklahoma out of nowhere just started peppering your baby momma’s crib with a 12.4% BARREL AGED pumpkin beer and they put it in a god damn can.  This is some next level unheard of shit.

The beer has a prominent pumpkin character like the flesh of the gourd baked with caramelized brown sugar, a fantastic retrained use of nutmeg/allspice that compliments the oak gently, caressing the BALs. The carb is frothy but coats like creamy risotto leaving this cream of wheat sort of lingering webbing that allows the boozy pumpkin pie to close with a slight fusel burn akin to Kuhnhenn offerings. The barrel presence has a dry oaky finish that makes Elysian and Southern Tier offerings look like total shit by way of contrast.  And yes, I realize I drank this like 6 months after it was released. Let’s just say I wasn’t exactly stoked at the prospect of drinking a high abv canned pumpkin beer, but god damn, this pureed my yams.

Where did this come from? Who thought to do this? Are people in OK drinking fucking 13% pumpkin beers by the lake? For a state with absurdly oppressive beer laws, this seems awesomely irresponsible.  I will keep my eye on these Elk Valley madmen as it is clear that they give zero fucks and just want to watch the world burn.


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