Cigar City Helsingborg Bomb is the one who knocks.

Yet another hilarious crowler from the state that is steeped in dank everglades and Monte Carlos.  This time it is a FLORIDAweiss made with blood oranges.  As if every dumbfuck brewery making a portmanteau of “lambic” and their region, the Berliner ones aren’t even sidestepping a protected term.  It’s just straight hubris. But with everyone kettle souring shit not even on the hot side, it really isn’t going to matter soon.  Let’s juice this aluminum dong to see if the juice was worth the squeeze.


It’s tough not to keep that Lagunitas Aunt Sally in frame when reviewing this beer.  While Aunt Sally is perhaps less complex or “remarkable” in the strictest sense, they both are well done.  This leans more towards a simple citrus pith.  This isn’t like the JUICE, it’s more like the mesocarp of a blood orange.  This strays from the orange lifesaver sweetness and instead embraces that bitter pericarp that actually makes this incredibly refreshing.  I kinda wish that I mixed this with some Champagne or liquid codeine to really get shit popping off at brunch.

Ultimately, that is what this feels like, a baller ass brunch drink.  A clean greyhound spritzer that is drillable but doesnt tug your nips and demand your full attention.  The carb is awesome and reminds me of that eggy whip when a bartender makes a whiskey sour with real egg white and buried within the briney aspects of this beer is some of the ground bloomer/sparkler firework smoke as well.  The whole thing is an entirely pleasant experience and they would be foolish to not bottle this one, especially when people in Florida are bound to be hot and parched from strictly enforcing voter ID laws this summer and disenfranchising minority voters.  Get home from a long day of defending local Orlando business’ rights to discriminate against same sex couples and pop one of these bad boys.

Pour some citrus whales out for the Rubios lost along the way and bump the new Flo Rida single.

These are the jokes my friends, here they are.

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