Went to Hoparazzi Brewing company, there are no hoppy beers on. Got em.

Orange twist was a pretty cool riff on the orange wit style, thin body, silky carb. Crushable but not entirely complex.

La tarte Melina is a sticky fruit leather sour that never oversteps its boundaries in the acidity realm but feels like a straight lacto kettle sour that everyone seems to embrace these days. Fine, albeit two dimensional.

Eldo wedding beer has a bitter metallic aspect that finishes with a sweet burnt honey. A taster was plenty for me.

La tarte cerise is like a sticky sweet kriek with extremely mild acidity like melted watermelon jolly ranchers. The best from these guys but, nothing was a crazy standout. 

This place is fine, the rollover traffic from Bottlelogic will keep them afloat but, nothing you need to lose your shit over.

Edit: holy fuck dibya ceri is one of the most horrible beers I have had all year.
It is duraflame log, latex glove, phenolic but also horribly cloying, the peppers can’t even dominate the butyric profile below. It is flawless in its acrimonious nature, there’s almost nothing to love about this beer. The $5/5oz pour makes it all the more hilarious. Holy fuck, it’s a cherry condom rubbed with ancho chilis.

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