Dark Horse BA Sasparilla 666 is weak AF this year

I used to like this beer as a kind of misfit bapt5 deviant. This is now something altogether different and unpleasant.

This year’s batch of BA Sasparilla has a weird anise, molasses, and intense Dr. pepper astringency to it, if 5th graders wanted to get lit AF this is what they would drink, it certainly is not for adult palates in my estimation. Imagine if abyss was more watery with a series of conflicting sachharine caramel syrup flavors each jockeying for dominance. Vanilla in mortal combat with cream soda, black licorice with root beer in a full nelson. I imagine that this trailer jackknife of flavors is what uninitiated normal people experience when confronted with over the top stouts. There may be a market for booze extreme soda enthusiasts, but it certainly isn’t the DDB retinue.


2 thoughts on “Dark Horse BA Sasparilla 666 is weak AF this year

  1. No way, your palette was wrecked then privy to this tasting, or the draft version was much more pleasant.
    I had this two weeks ago in Chicago and was blown out of my trousers. I love reading your metaphorical, hip hop reviews, but I can’t agree with this.

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