Bull and Bush Royal Oil, getting Greco oiled up for some barleywrangling 

As a backstory to this elusive, world class barleybanger, I have been hunting this for over two years. Since I couldn’t land it for the blind barleywine tasting, there was a well oiled hole left in my heart.

Typical Colorado generosity, a guy lands this and contacts me to make my barrel aged bbw fantasies Come to fruition. So here we are. Usually when I am edging this hard, when I finally drain those BALs, it is a let down. But not this time. You know when you go to summer camp and it’s super awkward to fap and then you finally get home and-

Shit just got weird. Let’s review this already

The carb is lacking and dissipates immediately: the sign of all of the greatest barleywines, shout out to Kuhnhenn. The legs are clear as slick windex, there’s zero cling and you don’t even need to wash your glass, everything burns away like lacquer.

Nose is sherry, Carmelized fig and raisins, young age stated bourbon, brown sugar cream of wheat, and smashed peanut brittle. It hits all the same TYPICAL best in class benchmarks but never overpowers with over oaked dryness or syrupy maple shit.

The mouthfeel is a bit more watery than I like, by the smallest margin. There is zero fusel presence and the closer is long and reminds me of Werthers originals from gramps’s zipper, you know how you accept candy from your grandparents. 

So is this the beer to unseat Great or King Henry? Well probably KH at this point is more faded than Kool Mo Dee, but you see my point. If this was in the 29 blind barleywine shootout, I’d peg this somewhere in the 12 range. I AM GENERALLY INTO PEGGING.

Bargain to weight ratio: this is off the charts. No one knows about it, Colorado loves giving things away almost as much as California. 

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