Monkish Fruit Cart sells out in 4 seconds. Typical.

Congrats to the 100 Chicago residents who were able to buy a bottle of Monkish Fruit Cart today.

Fastest f5 fingerblasters in the west.
I have received numerous requests from Southern California residents asking DDB politely to not review this beer: they can suck my tits, this beer is awesome.

I KNOW FRUITED SOURS HOW MANY DO WE NEED? But this 100 bottle release warrants commentary simply due to how balanced the acidity and fruits dance in austere 3/4 scherzo time.  This never walks into that mouth ravaging realm of being wildly acidic but it doesn’t just lay there and get pounded by jammy produce either. 

The nose is pure cunnilingus in a fruit roll up factory. There’s musk, wafts of brackish mineral profile like a berry pelligrino, skins like a tart Malbec, and a kind of chobani yogurt finish.

The taste lacks depth, but the levels it does present have clean lines like some fruity frank Lloyd Wright edifice. At higher temps the ph becomes more apparent and the tartness is what obfuscates the cheesy complexity which represents my main complaint. Instead of some preserves or produce in pectin, you get some some dry rose with smashed cherries, 17 year old inner city youth about to get twisted. 

Is this the best beer Monkish has made to date? Probably. Will everyone ruin subsequent releases for this brewery and then act surprised by the result? Definitely. 

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