Holy Mountain Gin aged Table Beer, The saison is a monster.

If degarde and upright were ultra lit and boning raw dog in them Oregon conifers, then a few months later this would be their trill offspring.

It isn’t as acidic as some of those tillamooky low abv blunt twisters, but it also doesn’t chop up funk rails on a jewel case like Upright either. It is clean, overly carbed, attenuated to laughable Logsdon levels, foam cascading like when she tells u don’t stop but u already prefoamed.

The nose is lightly herbal and medicinal, lemon zest and kinda like orange menthol cough drop. Taste is that lacto meets creamy grist that Cory King likes to whip up. It’s never overly sour nor too substantial either, it hits all the marks and makes me wonder how much more incredible gin Clara could improve upon this model. I guess we shall see soon enough once I feel like putting the ball gag on and getting up to speed with HF traders. 

Might as well smash it solo

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